Hector Hurtado, creative director, co-founder

graphility: Hector Hurtado, creative director & co-founder

Expertise: product design, User Experience, brand identity.

Skills: multichannel marketing, interaction design, photography.

Roles: Creative director, product owner.

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What is your position at graphility?

As Creative director, I am the Single Point Of Contact with our clients. My role is to understand their needs and come up with a vision, management, and workflow for the design & identity lifecycle.

What was your motivation to open your own agency?

Before embarking on this adventure, I filled different positions, from functional analyst to web project coordinator. One thing that struck me in most companies was the complexity of seemingly simple projects. Being a fan of all things Agile, I believed there was room for improving communication channels and productivity. And being an individualist at heart, I had to do it my way! [laughs] I decided to focus on brand identity and design, my preferred fields.

Individualism, that’s a bold statement!

People confuse individualism with egoism! The contrary of egoism is altruism, the contrary of individualism is collectivism. There is little point in restraining the individual, I believe instead in nurturing what makes each of us unique, and to perform that ability as best we can. This notion relates so much to branding, I want it to permeate with our clients. We live in a global age, be competitive by defining your difference!

Agile methodologies relate to software development, how did you know about these?

Although I have a creative personality, some previous jobs were very analytic in nature. I have web and database development experience under my belt. In 2001, I was lucky to be part of an informal Extreme Programming team, and it has tickled my interest ever since. Today at graphility, we apply a mix of Lean and Scrum practices.

What do you mean by creative personality? Can you tell us how did it all start?

Oh, I cannot imagine life without creation! I like to understand how things work, if only to challenge the concept and come up with a refined solution. As a good Libran, I am a critic and a lover of the arts. Ever since I was a child, I have performed one form of art or another, mostly graphic. I tried music but I express myself best with chalk, ink, brush, and lens. I am a visual thinker, really!

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